Job Transition Secret – III

Your calling card for the new generation of recruiters and managers is your digital profile.

My suggestion is that “going social” is imperative.  So, my recommendation is that even before you begin a job search or launch a marketing campaign for your personal services you should set up a digital profile or improve the profile you have.


It is a little changing if you haven’t done this sort of thing before!  Begin with LinkedIn.  Last year a major U.S.  association AARP launched a program on LinkedIn – now called “Life Reimagined For Work” – that brings together workers, employers and career management experts.  This program bas a similar aim as the Reinvent Career Formula.

On LinkedIn, there is a profile page of “Life Reimagined For Work” participants.  In this profile page you can present yourself-showing your employment history, specialized knowledge, skills, certifications, honors, volunteer work and anything else you’d like recruiters, managers and career counselors to know.  Don’t hesitate to bag – your competition does.  Post  an appropriate head short picture.  Managers won’t look at profiles without one.

Next, search for friends and business colleagues on LinkedIn.  If they have profiles, send a request to connect with them online and ask key people to post a written recommendation on your page.  In sequence, see whether the companies you’d  like to work or propose specialized personal services have LinkedIn pages.

You’ll find job postings there as well as company postings and news.

I have noticed among our Reinvent Career members that some companies don’t even ask for emailed résumé anymore.  When you’re on their job site, they ask you to apply by clicking a LinkedIn button and uploading their profile.  Don’t even think about faxing.  That’s so yesterday – and a sign that you’re out of date!  Snail mail just wastes a stamp!

The Reinvent Career Formula walks you step by step through this process leading you through a mind change, guiding you to build –up your desire and your concentration to be successful in the transition to a new job and career.

Erich Willner.

About Erich

I'm Erich Willner founder of the Reinvent Career Institute. My passion is coaching with e-learning systems people who need to reinvent themselves to attain new career income and the lifestyle they desire.

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