Job Transition Secret – IV

As you are taking advantage of social networking benefits, next apply your plan-action to Facebook do set-up a free profile page there.  Again, make contact with friends and business colleagues in you present business segment, but include anyone you know in other business areas.  Send them a “friend” request to link to their pages.  You should ask them about the market for employment and for services providers in your chosen specialty, including the companies where they work.


This is another place (Facebook) to inform your community about the work you are doing reinventing yourself, including your interest to work as a service provider, applying your specialized knowledge and skills from previous jobs.

Personal services should include all projects in your specialty consulting and copywriting.  Keep in mind that opportunities of all sorts may appear, including part-time business in the direction of becoming an entrepreneur.  Companies have Facebook pages, too that are resourceful.

Now, you can step-up your plan-action with the creation of website under your own name – for example: John Brown or Mary Smith.

You want this site to come up if an employer or manager searches for you specifically, sites are easy to set up.  There are many persons on the internet to do this job for you quickly.  You can customize standard templates and get assistance to create your content and presenting it in very attractive way for little money.  Less than $300.00

Your website is the place to demonstrate your professional expertise being up-to-date.  You can expand you accomplishment and link to any site that appears online.

This is a big step forward in the direction of reinventing yourself.  You can link to articles in your specialization, to you professional awards and certifications.  Test your site by entering your name into an online search engine to make sure it shows update your site with news in your reinvented area and post commentaries.  This section of your site is called a “blog.”  Every couple of days, post something in your specialty under a headline that attracts attention.

Examine the blog you are on, and read the several posts to get concrete examples.

Read also the “ Road Map” that is on my site and visit

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