Job Transition Secret – V

Now you are on your way to apply the “secret” of the employers and managers to perform modern recruiting.  Apply the secret now and you will get results in the shortest time possible.  It will amaze you.


As an example of how this can work, listen to Mitchell Hirsch of Wilton, Conn.  When he was out of work, he blogged regularly on unemployment data and issues.  His posts were discovered.  He also asked to add commentaries to other websites.

“At first, I was writing for $25 a pot”,  Hirsch says.  “I told my wife that something would come of this, and it did.”  Today, he advocates for the unemployed at the National Employment Law Project in Washington, DC.

Still there is also Twitter – the place where you can summarize the world in no more than 140 characters.  Each post is called a tweet and it’s delivered as a text message.  You can follow the tweets not only of colleagues who might be on Twitter, but also of recruiters and managers plus important people in our specialized knowledge and skills niche.

You also can follow companies that tweet job openings.  Twitter doesn’t carry the weight of LinkedIn but it shows employers and managers that you are keeping up with the digital world.

Once you have set up your digital presence you have to feed the dragon with regular posts, comments and links to interesting sites.  This work can take 2 or 3 hours daily but you really become visible.  You will enjoy doing this activity and gain valuable skills and practice.  These experiences and the expertise you are developing will be immensely, valuable in your search for employment, marketing of personal services and may lead you to become an independent service provider in the niche of work you enjoy most.

You will also attain freedom, if you choose from the clock and from commuting daily to a job.  “The online world is the new talent pool”, says Dan Schwabel, founder of Millennium  Branding.

“If you aren’t in that pool because you don’t have profiles on the networks, then you won’t be found and aren’t as employable or recognized as an independent service provider.”

With the Reinvent Career Formula you receive all the guidance, help and support to be successful.  The Reinvent Career Formula has 26 easy to understand and apply lessons.  It teaches you from A (Aim) to Z (Zeal) what to do.  In about 12 week you can already be earning money and enjoying the security that you are employed or have found a new career doing what you love.

Please read again the Job Transition Secret posts and click to visit the site:

The formula has worked for me numerous times, as well for every one else who committed to apply it A to Z working one to hours daily.

To your great success.

Erich Willner.

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I'm Erich Willner founder of the Reinvent Career Institute. My passion is coaching with e-learning systems people who need to reinvent themselves to attain new career income and the lifestyle they desire.

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