headshotBefore the age of 20, I realized that the only real security of income is one’s own initiative and expertise.  This made me realize that my thoughts can create my life so I proceeded to acquire expertise.  I believed strongly that I could achieve any reasonable aim.

To gain knowledge and expertise, I graduated as an electrical engineer and soon after immigrated to the USA for a job in information technology. After 5 years I broadened my expertise by earning a MBA.

During 25 years I worked as an employee of 3 large corporations in different business sectors.   Every available opportunity I took courses in sales, IT, marketing, finance, personnel management, banking, law, public speaking, writing and in foreign languages.  

When requested by my employers I relocated to different cities in the USA, Europe, Far East and South America.  This provided me  interesting opportunities to gain experience in different business sectors that were in industry, banking and services.

I enjoyed immensely my different jobs always in alignment with my employers objectives I continued increasing my knowledge and skills.   The diversity of my knowledge and experience was always very welcome my employers.

After 20 years of corporate employment I felt it was time to reinvented myself an a major way. I started by assessing  factors such as my age, education, location and life quality.  I concentrated on seeing clearly my working identity.

I kept in mind was that my economic security came from my capabilities of delivering results the corporations needed!


This time my aim included becoming independent from geographical location, time constraints and age factors.  I was careful in evaluating my knowledge, my relationship network and my resources while taking into account consequences for my family and other long term factors.  I analyzed whether to work for corporations, government agencies, non-profit intitutions or to be self-employed.

I come to the conclusion that I wanted to have as much control of my life as possible by becoming independent from any employment, I carefully studied how I could reinvent my working identity. I reflected and tested how it would be to work in a few areas I selected.

In 1987 the Stock Market crashed but I decided not to delay resigning from a secure corporate job (SVP) at a large bank to start a consulting practice by reinventing my specialized knowledge and skills as personal services in the selected areas.  It was like act then reflect.   I was prepared because I had a definite aim, based on my knowledge and skills.

Today, I enjoy my international consulting practice with clients in the USA, Europe and South America.  In my blog I explains my simple method and the techniques that will work for you to reinvent your specialized knowledge and skills to earn the money and attain the life you really desire! The plan-action method lets you make limited initiatives followed by relfection.  You avoid making a big commitment only to find that it is not what you like.

I’m confident that you will discover that the reinvent career you want can be achieved with the knowledge and skills that are already within you now!

My Position Statement Identity.

Because of the today’s economy and job market conditions, I recommend reinventing career with resourceful personal services to earn money and attain the life you desire, besides engaging in job searches.

You can increase your work opportunities by reinventing your work identity with personal services in any area you select. 

Today there are more opportunities than ever before for service providers previous employment knowledge and skills into resourceful personal services in any area selected then creating a desired work services in new areas.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42% of the 14,8 million unemployed Americans are “long-term unemployed”. This means that 6,216,000 people are without employment for 27 weeks or more! Most people want and can reinvent their personal services.

Specialized service providers in any field today who have reinvented themselves, earn a fee income greater than their salary from employment. I became a consultant after being employed 20 years by manufacturing, banking and services corporations. As a consultant, I earn the money I desire, enjoy my work and have quality life with my family. I assure you that people with specialized knowledge and skills in any field can become in demand service providers by using the method and techniques explained in this blog.  All you need is to follow the plan-action method with self-confidence, concentration, desire and persistence.

I will explain to you the path that is my tested solution to overcome the fears, frustrations, anxieties and problems of job searches.  

Thousands of companies all over the world pay many millions of dollars each month to specialized service providers. With the information explosion there is strong trend of outsourcing specialized services. There is a great demand for your reinvented personal services.  Technology has is providing the networking solutions to advertise your services in any area you selected.

As the result, there are constantly new opportunities for service providers with specialized knowledge and skills to earn steady income and attain the life they desire.

What are specialized knowledge and skills? 

Specialized knowledge and skills are the ability to be analytical and a problem solver. Practical experience is the competitive advantage for any corporate career person. They aren’t any high pressure for people to provide results immediately. Experts think carefully about problems before recommending solutions. They work with method and do research before giving their advice and counsel. These are skills that most persons with business knowledge already possess.

The fact that most people can reinvent their specialized knowledge into money has been proven by engineers, bankers, doctors, dental surgeons, lawyers, real estate brokers, accountants, psychologists, insurance agents, salespeople, personnel directors, trainers, sociologists and people from other specialties who reinvent careers in the areas they select every day.

You will find great  success cases of people who reinvent careers by reading article from the Fortune Magazine and the article in the Journal of Practical Consulting. [click Wisdom].

Many times an important solution needed is found by doing a little research how a problem was solved in another area and then reinventing this solution to solve your client’s problem.

The path described in this blog, is a proven method for any person to reinvent their knowledge and skills as resourceful personal services to earn the money and attain the life they really desire.

The path is the Roadmap presented in this Blog.  This is a proven way to reinvent career to earn the money  and the life you really desire.

Erich Willner
Reinvented International Consultant