Road Map

The purpose of the Road Map is to conduct people to reinvent their specialized knowledge and skills as make money from resourceful personal services as fast as possible.

The Road Map consists of 9 chapters describing the proven Plan-action method and simple techniques for starting a successful personal services practices.  Examples are financial planners, event organizers and safety experts.

Each milestones is the description of the method and techniques I learned and tested in my practice of 25 years as an international consultant by reinventing my career after 20 years in various executive positions of large corporations.

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  1. Inventory Your Specialized Knowledge and Skills
  2. Know That Thoughts Create Your Life
  3. Economic Security is Produced by Your Specialized Knowledge and Skills
  4. Intellectual Capital is Your Main Resource
  5. ROI From Intellectual Capital
  6. Select Your Market and Set Your Fees
  7. Start Part-Time: Act and Reflect
  8. Reinventing Yourself is a Simple Process
  9. Enjoy What It Takes To Be Successful